February 17, 2015

Shadow Of A Brighter Day

Photos taken by Ron Khy

No secret, I <3 me some T.U.K. and Hello Kitty is my guuurl. I always get asked about my shoes when I wear one of my gazillion pairs out. I also get asked this question quite frequently - do I size up when ordering T.U.K shoes? The answer is yes, I would definitely recommend it if you do not have a true to size foot. My shoe size is 7.5 and since they do not carry half sizes, I always go with size 8 and the fit couldn't be more perfect. Hope this helps all of you who are hesitant with buying shoes online. You no longer have to roll the dice!

Shoes - T.U.K  // Sunglasses - We Are Submarine // Jacket - PYLO // Shorts - Tunnel Vision // Shirt - UNIF


  1. That skateboard is so cute, I want one either though I'm awful at skating, you look amazing!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. wow, you are perfect! Absolutely love your style! x